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BIOGRAPHY | Teresa Duncan, Energy Healer
Teresa Duncan is an experienced energy healer. She has been working in the field for 10 years +  Teresa’s initial training was with Brazilian healer Edemir Rossi, she has participated in sacred ceremonies with Peruvian Shaman Puma Quispe.  Teresa is a Healing Touch practitioner with additional training in HT anatomy specialty classes.  She works intuitively with crystals and Young Living medicinal oils.

| Teresa’s Story |
Teresa began her path as a healer, like many others, when she became ill. On the morning of Christmas Eve 1998, she awoke to find the left side of her face paralyzed from hairline to chin. Later that day she was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. Teresa was given steroids (just to try) and sent home with a pat on the back and “good luck”.
Many challenges arose from such a drastic overnight change. A new sense of self had to be discovered.  A dramatic new path had been created. The steps to follow would change her life forever. With no options available via traditional medicine, Teresa sought out alternative treatments. First she tried vitamins, then homeopathics, then acupuncture  – the first forward movement to recovery. After many months of no additional progress a friend suggested she see a Brazilian Energy Healer Edemir Rossi.

A What?

Teresa saw Edemir several times. While still very skeptical, something kept her going. Shortly, she received an email announcing a retreat to Brazil with Edemir.
Every cell in her body told her to go. Leaving her young family to spend 10 days in the jungles of Brazil was quite out of character. Listening to her intuition, Teresa traveled to Brazil.
Upon arrival, seeing the agenda for the week, it read –
Wednesday: Train to be a Healer, Teresa laughed and asked Edemir what that was about.
He said, “If you are here, you are supposed to receive this information. “
What?  How could she be a healer?

On that Wednesday afternoon in the jungles of Brazil, Teresa’s life was forever changed. Having received a profound healing and connection with her Shamanic guides through an initiation ceremony, the energy flowing through her hands and body was tremendous.
Over the years to follow Teresa has traveled to Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica and returned several times to Brazil. During a visit in the spring of 2009, Teresa received a powerful initiation from the Brazilian healer John of God. John of God is known around the world for the healing energy he channels at The Casa in Abadiania, Brazil.
Through her travels and training, Teresa has worked to clear her emotional and physical body to be a clear and open channel for her work.
She is a powerful conduit for her clients connecting them to divine healing energy between heaven and earth.