“Teresa is truly skilled, intuitive and knowledgeable. It is her caring and genuine nature that allows her expertise to be at work in a way that invokes clarity, connectivity and balance. My  experience with Teresa was truly a gift. At a time when I felt the weight of the world, I came away feeling lighter, refreshed and revitalized.”
Janice Parker | Founder and Certified Personal Trainer Mastermind Fitness

“Teresa is a transformative healer. She has a natural gift, enhanced by ongoing learning and training, as well as her own spiritual growth practice. She is heart-based, intuitive, and fully present with her client. The broad spectrum of tools available to her enables her to achieve powerful results for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Teresa as a top-level energy medicine practitioner.” ~Izabella Tabarovsky

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert in field
Hired Teresa as a energy healing services in 2008, and hired Teresa more than once.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Hired Teresa as a Healing in 2010, and hired Teresa more than once

“Teresa, Your healing work is wonderful and I strongly endorse your gifts and talents. It is difficult to find a good healer and you are a gift to the community. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with you. Best Wishes, Brendan” ~Brendan Feeley (Naturopath, Homeopath, Ayurveda, American Naturopathic Association) 
Teresa is a caring, transformational healer. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to change old behaviors and move forward. It was a pleasure working with Teresa and I would call upon her again without hesitation.” ~Jeanane Marks
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Hired Teresa as a healer in 2009, and hired Teresa more than once

“Teresa is a highly skilled and gifted energetic body worker who relies on her training, intuition and spirits guides to offer an exquisite healing experience that lasts. I highly recommend her work.” ~Dan Ebaugh, M.Ac., L.Ac.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Hired Teresa as a Healer…body, mind and spirit in 2008, and hired Teresa more than once.

I originally came to Teresa a few years ago for help with knee pain, which had flared up to chronic levels that year. After my first healing session with her, I noticed my pain seemed a little less then it had been. So I came back for several more sessions. Each time, the pain decreased a little more…and then finally, it went away completely and *has never returned again.* I can’t even put into worlds how profound and freeing a change that is–only others with knee pain will understand it. But I think the results were remarkable, since this was a long-term condition I’d had off and on since childhood.
This alone would be enough of a testament to Teresa’s skill as a healer, but her talent reaches far beyond that. I get so much more than just pain relief from her work–which is why I keep coming back, even now that the pain is gone. During her sessions, I experience a wonderful, deep, meditative sense of relaxation. And when I leave, I feel as if I’ve been “re-calibrated” and recharged…everything seems brighter, more balanced, and more hopeful. Plus, Teresa’s just a joy to be around–her work is full of kindness, warmth, and gentle concern–and she has a great sense of humor about it, too! I couldn’t recommend her more highly. – Deborah Ackerman, Alexandria, VA

“After the experience I had with the tragic death of my dog, Teresa took me out of a tremendously heavy funk.  I was experiencing chills and nightmares for weeks. I was just going through the motions until I came to see her.” – Karen Cirrito